Small Steps by Marvin Gayle

In today’s economy, the general idea of conservation has new meanings; both for the financially shrewd as well as the environmentally conscious. For one reason or another people are conserving both money and energy, why is this so? Are we all suddenly energy conscious or is there an alternate explanation? Could it be the case that money is a scarce commodity during an economic recession; and tough financial times dictate that we do more with less—even less energy?

We have been in an energy slide long before the current economic realities. Isn’t it ironic; how our urgent reaction to this financial situation and our response to the ongoing energy crisis are significantly different? Maybe the gradual depletion of our natural resources is not as obvious as the balance in our checking accounts. While it may not be immediately recognized, a depletion of our energy is synonymous with a depletion of our money. Energy costs money. If we save energy, we will save money—which will further help to save the environment. Buying into the idea of saving energy will result in two positive effects at no additional cost.

One of our main goals at iPowerDown is to bring across the fact that “powering down” is not as difficult as it may seem; in some cases, it may even be easier. While the incremental savings from cutting back may seem imperceptible at first; over time, our collective efforts will start to accumulate exponentially. The hardest part about “powering down” is not the physical act of changing our daily habits. The real challenge comes when we try to convince ourselves that small steps make significant differences. iPowerDown is one of the many “small steps” that will result in a giant leap to a more energy efficient way of life—for all.

Edited by Diane Bliss, Editor-in-Chief for iPowerDown

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